A Foreign Affair's Travel Services

To accomodate the needs of the traveler to Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, or Colombia. A Foreign Affair offers a variety of travel services that will make your trip planning as stress free as possible.

We offer very safe and comfortable apartments in St. Petersburg, Kiev, Riga, and Cartagena. These apartments are located at the city center or close by. Traveling to any section of the city is very easy and convienent. To view our apartments Click here.

If you prefer hotel accomodations during your visit, we list several hotels in three of our main tour cities, St. Petersburg, Kiev, and Cartagena. These facilities range from comfortable and reasonably priced to first class luxury. Click here

Finally, for travel to Russia and Ukraine you will be required to obtain a Visa. (Colombia and Latvia do not require a Visa) A Foreign Affair offers top quality Visa Assistance with over nine years experience working with the Russian and Ukrainian Consulates. Our company also offers pricing quotes from major airlines from your departure city to your destination city. Click here