Meet Russian women in Volgograd

Volgograd women are some of the most charming, beautiful ladies anywhere. Not only that but many of the women in Volgograd have not had the opportunity to meet foreigners and would be anxious to show someone like you their city. While you probably haven't heard many people planning their next vacation to this off the beaten path destination, it is definitely a great place to meet Russian women who are sincere and marriage minded.

Volgograd Russia not an International destination like St Petersburg or Moscow, but our individual Volgograd tour has many fascinating points of interest for any visitor. However, the best reason for choosing this city is the multitudes of beautiful Volgograd girls. This is where to meet Russian women who are interested in building a life with a man they will honestly love, honor, and respect.

Traveling to Volgograd is also very rewarding if you have an interest in 20th century history. Stalingrad (now Volgograd) was one of the pivotal battles of World War II and helped turn the tide toward Germany's eventual defeat. The city is a living document to the bravery and valor of Volvograd during those harsh months.

Your accommodations in Volgograd are conveniently located in the center of town and offer very comfortable rooms with satellite TV, refrigerators, and private baths. Every evening violin and piano performances are presented in the 3rd floor sitting room.

Also located in the hotel is a currency exchange station, sauna, massage parlor, casino, pool, and laundry service. The largest restaurant in the city is also located in the hotel.

The cuisine in Volgograd is varied and ranges from French, German, Italian, Georgian, Chinese, American, Mexican, and Japanese.

These are some restaurants around Volgograd that offer delicious dishes and good places for dates with women in Volgograd.

1. Bockka: Authenic German restaurant.

2. Remeo: An elegant dining establishment.

3. Druzhba: Pricey Restaurant, offers Zebra on the menu.

4. Bar Texas: Menu is American and Mexican. Country music provides
     the atmosphere.

5. Avgust: Great place that serves Russian and European dishes,
     in addition to seafood.

Your individual tour to Volgograd also offers many opportunities for romance as well, such as enjoying a scenic boat ride on the Volga River with your special someone.

You may also stop off at one of the islands and spent some quality time with her at your own private beach. The beach areas are tranquil and romantic

For an evening date, many couples walk along the moonlit riverbank.

Other places to visit with Volgograd women

New Experimental Theatre: Avant garde perfomances and unusual takes on classic plays.

Palov's House: Stalingrad hero Yakov Palov defended this bullet ridden building against Nazis forces.

Volgograd Panoramic Museum: This museum features a panoramic depiction of the battle of Stalingrad.

Volgograd History

Volgograd was founded in 1589 and originally called Tsaritsyn. It was designed as a fortress on Russia's south western region. Volgograd was conquered by Cossack Invaders in 1670. In the 19th century, the city became an important port for products. In 1925 the city was renamed Stalingrad.

History takes a unique spin in Volgograd. Many times life changing events such as wars, conquest, and true struggle have taken place in a very distant past, where its history is just a chapter in a book. Not so in Volgograd, one of World War II's epic struggles was here.

During this months long battle, Stalin ordered that the city be held regardless of the cost. After months of house to house fighting, German forces maintained some control of the city. In November 1942, two Soviet forces surrounded the Germans, and eventually forced their surrender in early 1943. This ended the German offensive and destroyed a substantial portion of the German army. 8 out of 10 German solders killed in World War II died fighting against the Red Army.

During the Battle of Stalingrad (Volgograd) at least one million Russians and 200,000 Germans were killed. After the battle, 90,000 German surrendered, of those, only 9,000 made it back to Germany.

Most of the World War II historical attractions in the city are centered around the Mother Russia monument. This sculpture was erected in 1967 and is taller than the Statue of Liberty.

It is located at the Mamayev Kurgan Museum, which was built as a memorial to the Battle of Stalingrad. Hero's Square is a section of the grounds that contains a large reflection pool, surrounded by 20 ft statues.

The Hall of Valour engraves the names of 7,000 who died defending this city. In the structure an immense uplifted hand holds the torch which bears in eternal flame.