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Let our words give inner peace and life let them grow and bloosom for the weak and weary,may our thoughts reflect the inner joythat is kept treasured in our heart,we have recieved the best gift of our soulwhom we path to share Jesus compassion and love ma

Username: nanzen

Country: Philippines

City: Davao

Date of Birth: 29th-September-1982

Age: 36

Height: 4 feet 10 inches/147cm

Weight: 90 lbs (40.8 kg) or less

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Self Description and Interests
Im very down to earth woman,easy to talk,open minded....
Passion, interests and hobbies
I love nature,swimming ,gardening,cooking and music
Type of man seeking
Youndont havebto be financially wealthy in order to be rich,for real treasures are kept there -not in boxes or banks but in a simple heart,you dont have to have a big houseto feel the warmthof a home,you dont have to be famous and popular to be loved by people,you dont have to be wise and clever in order to care and respect others,you dont have a luxurios bed in order to spend a restful,peaceful sleep,you dont haveto prove anything in order to ne accepted you simply have to be yourself,few things can make you rich when you have them but you dont have to acquire themin order to be rich and happy
Relationship Status
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Children at home
My Ethnicity
Eye Color
Hair Color
Trade School
Drinking Habit
Do not drink
Smoking Habit
Do not smoke
English, Japanese, Arabic, Others
Want children