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Thailand, the former Siam, is a small country of 514,000 km2 (that is, about as big as France) in the South-eastern zone of the Asian continent. Thailand is privileged with a good tropical weather all year round, which allows them to grow tropical crops even in the coldest zones of the country. Besides that, the fact it was never colonized by any European power makes it an interesting place to learn about. As a matter of fact, Thailand must be the country in which east and west met each other in the most peaceful way.

Today, Thailand is a constitutional monarchy. Mainly a Buddhist country, it concentrates in the valley of Chao Phraya river basin both its main cities and most prominent areas. About the people, Thailand has received lots of immigrants and today there is a huge ethnic diversity. What more can I say? An American citizen does not require a visa to travel to Thailand, so it is a matter of picking up your passport and calling us a.s.a.p. to arrange your flight.

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Krung Thep, or Bangkok, Thailand is a mystic city. Here you can see tall buildings and magnificent skyscrapers, but you can blink an eye and appear before a pagoda-styled temple as simply as walking a couple of blocks away. Bangkok has got parks, amusement parks, theme parks, golf courses, movies, and theaters; but you can also ride an elephant, scuba dive or sunbathe in the beach if you just leave the city for a while. In addition, you can meet some Bengali tigers in their zoo while you watch a Buddhist monk carry some logs to his home. As you see, there are plenty possibilities.

Now, if you are in the mood of doing something different, you can watch dozens of different fish in the aquarium, go to a concert or go see an exhibition of Thai boxing. Nightlife is great in Thailand, so there is no need to say any further about it. About Thai ladies in Bangkok, they will make your stay better.

If you ever see a Thai woman in traditional clothes, you will feel strange. Wearing like that, they look mystical, charming, feminine... polite. If you see a Thai woman in a night gown, you will intrigued... You will find her sexy, attractive, elegant, passionate, beautiful and pretty self-confident about herself too. If you ever see a Thai woman wearing casual clothes, she will look like the girl next door, but approachable, specially if you keep using your most gentle words... Now, if you ever listen to their voices, you will find yourself transported.

Why? Because Thai ladies, Thai girls, Thai gals, Thai chicks (or whatever you'd like to call them) have attracted foreign men for decades. They have pleasant attitudes, are easy-going, and the mysticism of the country has not made them dull at all. Thai women are self-confident and affectionate; laid-back and straightforward; smart, practical, very educated and gentle in a way only Asian women can show.

Curious about what the girls on this site would like to find in a man? As many Asian women, Thai ladies are looking forward to comply with something that is very important for their society and their own lives: forming a family. A Thai woman, therefore, will be willing to find someone interesting, a husband whom can be loving and faithful with them, as well as someone who would be willing to give her children to raise and love. Asian men usually like to drink, smoke, gamble and go bed too late at night, so a man who stays away from these vices would be something different for her.

Thai Cuisine

Thai cuisine is delicious. Original by shyam. Share alike.

Thai cuisine, these days, is appreciated all around the world; and its unique mix of flavors, aromas, spices, herbs, sauces and many other ingredients have made Thai cuisine an international favorite: rice and noodles, soups and poultry; chickens, ducks and pigeons cooked in so many ways... Oh my! If so far you are not drooling, then you need to come and enjoy by yourself.