Contact All Women website is a member of the A Foreign Affair International and Introductions Tour Company which offers tours to over a dozen cties in Russia and Eastern Europe.

We have 10 years tour experience in Russia and Ukraine amd offer the most respected Singles Tours in the Industry.

We will be hosting socials in 15 Russian and Ukrainian cities in 2004. In addition, A Foreign Affair will be hosting its first ever singles tour to Nizhniy Novgorod in October. For the attendees lucky enough to attend one our Bonus City tours, we will be hosting socials in four cities (Vinnitsa, Kherson, Mariupol, and Poltava). Few westerners have had the opportunuty to visit these marvelous locations. These cities are filled with sincere and beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women who are very anxious to meet foreign men.

How we are different from other singles tour companies?

These are just a few of the unique services A Foreign Affair offers.

(1)We publish the Foreign Bride Travel Guide. This very insightful book details the Foreign tour experience from beginning to end, and afterwards. In addition, it gives useful information on Russian women and their culture.

(2)Lodging at top hotels in Russia and Ukraine. These hotels have all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay so you can spend you time getting to know your special lady.

(3)New applicant interviews. Meet ladies who have never been published in our magazine or listed on our website.

All of all tour destinations offer something unique to the traveler. Some tour amenities are different per destination. However, the main objective and purpose to each tour remains consistent.

You will be introduced to hundreds of sincere, beautiful women in each city

Which Tour to Choose?

The most difficult choice, before choosing which ladies to spend time with during the tours, is choosing the right tour for you. If you are a man that lives in a major city and is looking for a wife who enjoys all the cultural activities a large city provides, you will find a tour to St Petersburg to your liking.

If you live in a college town, then consider the Kharkov tour. If you are more of the homebody type, then one of our off the beaten path tour destinations might be the right place to meet your special lady. However, these are mere generalities, every type of woman lives in each tour city.

St. Petersburg is our most popular tour and the cultural mecca of Russia. This city of 5 million is one of the most magnificent cities in the world. The Hermitage museum stands with the Louve in Paris as among the most impressive in the world. There are hundreds of cultural activities to enjoy with your special lady. To tickle you taste buds, don't miss the Museum of Russian Vodka, and discover why this popular drink is one of Russia's best exports.

The only thing that can match St. Petersburg's cultural attractions is its magnificent women. All three owners and one employee of A Foreign Affair have married St. Petersburg women, as have many other men who have journeyed to this romantic city. A Foreign Affair also operates a fully staffed office in the same hotel in which you will staying during the tour and will be happy to assist you in any way possible.

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Founded over 1500 years ago, Kiev is one of the founding cities of the Slavic people. It is a very beautiful and green city of over 2.5 million people and is the center of Ukraine. Kiev is also a very popular tour destination, due to its enchanting scenery and its equally enchanting women. This tour also gives you the opportunity to visit a quaint Ukrainian city, Vinnitsa. Vinnitsa has not been frequented by many foreigners, and the ladies there are very anxious to meet Western men.

Travel Option (More Information)

For the Kiev tour, we offer a special travel option. If you decide to take this tour, but would like to meet a lady who lives in Ukraine outside the Kiev region. For a $ 250 flat fee we can arrange travel and hotel accommodations for her for one night in Kiev. This will include a round trip train ticket, one night hotel stay, and two meals per day.

A Foreign Affair is the only Tour Company to offer tours to this remarkable city. What this city has to offer is not only women that are beautiful and gentle, but also highly educated. Kharkov is a town of 2.5 million residents where education is strong emphasized and over 20,000 students graduate yearly from the area's colleges and universities.

The Kharkov area, located in North Eastern Ukraine, hosts 49 cultural centers and 80 libraries. If you're looking for more tranquil settings, going for a walk with your special lady will probably include spending some time in Kharkov 49 sq. miles of parks, gardens, and greenways.

A Foreign Affair has been offering tours to Riga for years with great success. There are many advantages to taking a tour to this little known, but very cosmopolitan city. There is less bureaucracy than in Russia or Ukraine. Latvia is a Westward looking country eager for more tourism. As a result, US citizens are not required to obtain a visa to visit Latvia, which is a saving of 0 for you. It is also much easier for a Latvian woman to get a U.S. tourist visa. If you become engaged this means less red tape.

The women attending our three socials will be of Latvian and also Russian descent. (Russians began settling there after World War II). The women in Riga are very lovely, friendly and curious about foreign men. Many of the Riga women on the A Foreign Affair website frequent the Mystic Café. This Internet cafe is located in Riga's Old Town is where the ladies go to check their email and just hang out.

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Dnepropetrovsk is a very important city to Ukraine's and the former Soviet Union's development. It is comparable to Pittsburgh due to its steel industry. While an industrial town, this once closed city hosts many cultural activities such as art exhibits and top-notch ballet performances that have not been experienced by many Westerners. Not only are there numerous attractions in Dnepropetrovsk, but it citizens are some the friendliest and most helpful people you will meet in any of our tours.

While there are many attractions to enjoy in Dnepropetrovsk, nothing compares to visiting these attractions with the City's lovely ladies. One A Foreign Affair employee who has been to many of our tour destinations, remarked that Dnepropetrovsk is filled with some of the most beautiful women in the world. Not many people have noticed this undiscovered treasure, here is your opportunity to be among the first.

If you want to enjoy an ocean sunset with a special lady, then consider our Crimean tour. Our socials are hosted in the exquisite city of Yalta, where Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin held an historic conference in 1945. The Crimean peninsula is located in southern Ukraine and stretches into the Black Sea. For decades this area has been the prime vacation destination for people located in the CIS states.

In addition to Yalta, there are two other large cities located in the peninsula. Sevastopol and Simferopol both have populations of approximately 350,000 and many ladies from these cities attend our socials in Yalta. Sevastopol is a naval city that hosts both the Russian and Ukrainian Navy. This city, once forbidden to foreigners, is now open to all. Simferopol is an inland city that is your starting point to any excursions into mainland Ukraine.

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If you are a traveler who likes to see some of the countryside, consider our two cities for the price of one Odessa tour. This Black Sea coastal city is another popular tourist destination for the people of Ukraine. Its beautiful ocean scenery, its cultural activities, and gorgeous women make this an unbelievable tour by itself.

However, A Foreign Affair will hold its third social in the nearby city of Kherson. This lovely city will give you an additional opportunity to meet lovely women who have not had the opportunity to meet many foreign men.


If you are a World War II history buff, then Volgograd (i.e. Stalingrad) is a must see tour destination. Founded in 1589, much of the city was completed ravished during the Battle of Stalingrad and has since been rebuilt with many monuments and museums commemorating this pivotal battle that helped determine the outcome of the Second World War.

However, Volgograd offer many opportunities for romance as well, as you and your special someone enjoy a scenic boat ride on the Volga River, and if you like, stop off at one of the islands and spent some quality time with her at your own private beach.

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This city is a great choice for a man who lives in a small town. This city, which is actually the longest in Europe due to having been built along mining shafts, is filled with attractive single women. Many of whom have never had the opportunity to meet a foreign man. This pleasant city has a small town feel and would be the right place for a single small town man to find a lady who would easily adapt to small town life.

In addition if you are a sports enthusiast, Krivoy Rog is a sports mecca in Ukraine. There are stadiums, gyms, and swimming pools located throughout the city. If you are a fan of extreme sports, then take part in Sparta Rodeo (Motorcycle Racing). Krivoy Rog even offers a convenient 9 station subway system for getting around the city.

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If you desire a tour destination that has ample cultural activities without the hustle and bustle of St Petersburg, then our Nizhny Novgorod tour will be to your liking. This beautiful and untouched city was founded in the early 1200s and is located at the joining of the Volga and Oka rivers.

You will have plenty of dating opportunities as you visit the 600 monuments and close to 200 cultural institutions this city has to offer. If you and your lady friend are book lovers, then visit Nizhny Novgorod's main library, which is one of the largest regional libraries in Russia and contains four million issues. This city was previously closed to foreigners and the women there have had few opportunities to meet Western men. We visit this special city only one time per year. Therefore schedule this tour as soon as possible.


Surprisingly Donetsk has a British origin. In the 1860's John J Hughes arrived in the area to build a metallurgical plant and founded a city that currently is home to more than one million people.

Donetsk is not only one city but is the regional capital for over 5 million Ukrainians. Our social will draw from numerous cities in the Donetsk region, including Rostov-on-Don in nearby Russia. This is another city where the women are very much looking forward to meeting foreign men.