St Petersburg Romance Tours

For International travelers, St Petersburg needs no introduction. This 300 year old city is one of the cultural destinations of the world. The City of Tsars relatively young history rivals other great cities historical significance that are thousands of years older.

St Petersburg is a astounding city and that most Westerners have never experienced. St Petersburg's history, culture, and atmosphere are some of the reasons why it is our most popular tour city. However the primary reason we keep returning to this city and why our clients continue to join us there, is the women of St Petersburg. Some of the most beautiful women in Russia reside in St Petersburg. These women believe are beautiful, cultured, educated, believe in family values, and are looking to find their special someone.

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Your accommodations while on our St Petersburg tour will be in the very same hotel as AFA's St Petersburg offices. You will find having our office only steps away will be very advantageous and convenient to getting all your evening plans organized, and contacting a lady for a date.

During your stay our helpful staff is available, and can assist you with dinner suggestions, great date ideas, transportation needs, etc. In addition, we have at least one bilingual representative available to assist you in each office.

The hotel, built in 1983, is listed as a luxury class hotel and contains everything needed for a comfortable stay. It offers 840 rooms with over 10 percent of the rooms rated luxury or first class.

Hotel Room Features
1. Direct Dial Telephone
2. Air Conditioning
3. Electronic Code Locks
4. Quality Furniture
5. Refrigerator
6. Radio
7. Television
Hotels Services
1. Bank, Clothing & Shoe Repair, Currency Exchange
2. Post Office, Florist, Laundry, Newstand, Pool
3. Pharmacy, Casino, Restaurants, Bar, Sauna

As you can see all the neccessary services are conveniently provided for in the hotel. Therefore, you may spend your time getting to know the lovely ladies you will be introduced to, rather than trying to find a reputable place to exchange your money.

During our St Petersburg tour we will be visiting charming Novgorod and host one of our socials there.

Novgorod is a millennia old city of almost 300,000 and is an agricultural center of Russia. It is filled with many beautiful, sincere, down to earth women who have not had the opportunity to meet many foreigners, and look forward to our visits.

We will travel to Novgorod 2 days after our 2nd social in St Petersburg, and hold the Novgorod social that evening. We will spend two nights in Novgorod and then return to St. Petersburg for the rest of the tour. We will have high quality accommodations in Novgorod.

AFA socials are attended eagerly by the beautiful women in St Petersburg because our socials are most tastefully done. They are hosted in comfortable surroundings with food and champagne for all invited guests. During these socials you will be introduced to 100's of exquisite women who interested in meeting a man like you.

In addition to the socials, our office has catalogs with profiles of available St Petersburg women. You may browse through the profiles, and our staff can assist you in meeting the ladies that caught your eye from the catalogs.

This all sounds great, but what are the women like, and what are their motives?

Russian women are not looking for a way to leave Russia. It is where their family and friends are. It is their culture and it is them. However, these women realize their options for a stable family life are much more limited in their native country. Therefore, they are seeking men who can provide the love and care they want for themselves and their children.

They are feminine, tender, and willing to share the times of difficulty with her husband, as well as the times of happiness.

After the Social

When a lady invites you to her home, you may expect to meet her parents and family, since very women live away from home until they are married. Also, you will probably meet her extended relatives and other friends who have come to meet you. Since you are the guest of honor, expect to receive much attention and many toasts, and be prepared to offer a few of your own as well. As far as parental concerns about their daughter marrying a foreigner, they accepting of it, so long as she is well treated and cared for. st petersburg woman in light blue

Why don't Russian women just marry Russian men?

Typically Russian men are irresponsible with their work, alcohol consumption, and marital fidelity. Since there are so many lovely Russian women everywhere, beauty is not the sought after asset it is in America.

Therefore, Russian men are not falling over themselves to impress a beautiful woman. In addition, most Russian men are not goal driven like American men. They do not seem to have a driving force to become more than they are.

St Petersburg and its Cultural Attractions

St. Petersburg was founded in 1703 by Peter the Great and a mere 7 years later became the capital of Russia and held that title for 15 years. Over the course of its 300 year history, St. Petersburg has traded capital city status with Moscow numerous times primarily due to whoever was in power. Since the Bolshevik revolution the capital has remained in Moscow and St. Petersburg claims the title of Russia's Venice of the North.

Over the last hundred years, St. Petersburg has experienced several name changes. The city was known as Petrograd during the first World War due to anti-German attitudes, and later Leningrad, after the Soviet Union's first leader. In 1991 the city reverted back to its original name.

St Petersburg is the site of the Winter Palace, where in 1917 the Bolsheviks stormed the structure, desposed of the Tsar rule, and eventually founded the U.S.S.R.

Listed are some of St Petersburg most well known attractions

The Peter and Paul Fortress
One of the major structures in St Petersburg. It was used previously to 1917 as a political prison. Dostoevsky, Gorky, and Trotsky have resided there

Hermatage Museum
This is one of the major museums in the world, probably only second to the Louve in Paris. The museum has 350 halls, 15,000 paintings, 12,000 sculptures, and 600,000 archeology finds. Displays original paintings of Rembrandt, Leonardo da Vinci, Titian, and Ruben.

St. Isacc Cathedral
This magnificent structure is the largest cathedral in St Petersburg, and the 4th highest cathedral in the world. Previously the cathedral could accommodate 14,000 standing worshipers. Currently, services are held during Easter and Christmas.

Church of our Savior on the Spilled Blood
This Russian styled domed church was constructed on the spot of Alexander the II's assassination in 1881. The Bolsheviks closed the church in the 1930s, but was eventually reopened in 1997.

Museum of Antropology and Ethnography
This impressive museums houses hundreds of thousand of items of archeology, antropology, and ethnography.

State Russian Museum
Contains the largest collection of Russian sculptures, and drawings.

Central Naval Museum
Established in 1709, this is one of the world's most impressive naval museums. Outlines the history of the Russian fleet.

Museum of Russian Vodka
Museum of Vodka memorabilia and vodka tasting, with food that complements vodka consumption.

Nevskiy Prospect is the more modern & lively section of St Petersburg, with multitudes of shops, nightclubs, movie houses, and galleries. A cross section of Russian society frequent this area from rich to poor, tourists to native Russians, Businessmen to free spirits, young to old.

Visit Dom Knigi (House of Books). This is St Petersburg's largest bookstore, and has an unusual landmark, which is the gold emblem of the Singer company. Yes, the same company that manufactures sewing machines in the U.S. The company constructed the building for a headquarters in the early years of the 20th century.

Restaurants abound in St Petersburg. Practically every type of international dish is represented in the city. The selection of cuisine available here is offered only in other major cities of the world.

American, Asian, English, European, Georgian, German, Greek, Hungarian, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Jewish, Korean, Latin American , Mediterranean, Mexican, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vegetarian, Yugoslavian.

While Russian cuisine does not have the worldwide acclaim of French, Chinese, or Italian fare, Russia offers many authentic Slavic dishes that enliven your palate, and satisfy your appetite.

Dishes for a delicious Russian dinner

1. Salted Cucumbers Cucumbers which are soaked/marinated in salted water and spices for over a week
2. Borsh A staple at the Russian dinner table prepared with beets and meat. Usually sour cream is added to the soup.
3. Pelmeny A pastry surrounding chopped meat that is shaped into balls
4. Kiev Chicken Chicken stuffed with butter
5. Fried Potato Potatoes fried in a saucepan (different than french fries)with onions, salt and pepper
6. Bliny (Pancakes) Usually served with honey, jam, sour cream
7. Vodka Russia's national drink
8. Kvas Bread based beverage with a sweet taste