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What makes Odessa women special?

Why is the Odessa tour always packed with guys?

The answer to the second question is obvious: Odessa women. What makes women in Odessa Ukraine special is that they are just as enchanting as the city itself. Genuine, educated, and very lovely are just a few words that come to mind, and you will have the opportunity to meet hundreds of beautiful single Odessa women during our socials.

On the tour to Odessa all the little details are taken care of so you can focus on getting to know the Odessa women you will be meet during your stay.

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Another reason why the Odessa tour is so popular is that it is a great city with sunny beaches, warm blue water, and cultural activites; Odessa is energetic and slightly bohemian and you will find it a city that marches to the beat of it's own drum. Who else would have a humor festival in Spring. When you are dating Odessa women ask them about their experiences at the festival, you will probably get a laugh-filled story.

The Odessa tour hotel is the modern Hotel Odessa that offers great views of the Black Sea. Private bathrooms are in each room. Also included is air conditioning, satellite TV, radio, and a telephone with direct dialing and voice mail. Hairdryers and mini bars are located in each room. In addition, room service is available.

Hotel services include a business center with: fax, computer, a laser printer, and copier. Two restaurants are located in the hotel: The Lobby Lounge Cascade, and the Black Pearl Panorama Mediterranean Restaurant. The Odessa Hotel also features a casino/nightclub, poll, sauna, gym, beauty salon, steam room, and gift shop. Everything you need is in the hotel.

During the Odessa tour you will also visit nearby Kherson and attend one of the socials there. Kherson women have not had the opportunity to meet many foreigners so expect the ladies to be very enthusiastic about meeting you during the social. Kherson is a sea and river port city with a population of around 375,000. One place of interest in Kherson is the Museum of Local Lore and the Arts Museum.

Ukraine's reputation as the breadbasket of Europe is well founded. Ukrainian soil is some of the richest on Earth, and the produce from this area is extremely delicious. If you get invited by a Odessa lady for a meal at her home you will find this out.

The black topsoil is filled with nutrients, and it the starting point for Ukraine's healthy diet. In addition, many of the fruits and vegetables grown there are very familiar and include:

Apples, Peaches, Watermelons, Onions, Tomatoes, Lettuce, Grapes, Cucumbers

Some mouth watering Ukrainian dishes.

1. Vareniki: Ukrainian dumplings usually filled with cheese, potatoes, or a variety of meat.

2. Golubtsy: A dish of rice, carrots, onions, and meat.

3. Stuffed Green Peppers: Filled with beef, pork, egg, rice, tomatoes, and onions.

4. Salo: Pig fat with garlic spread over dark bread, Fattening, but very tasty.

5. Pelmeni: Popular dish, similar to ravioli.

6. Shashliki: Various barbequed meat that is usually marinated in wine, vinegar,
    or mayonnaise.

7. Deruny: Potatoes compressed with starch and eggs, then fried.

Some ideas for dates with Odessa women

Potemkin Steps: One of Odessa's most famous landmarks is a 192 step stairway and the entrance to the city from the Black Sea. Constructed between 1837 and 1841, the top provides a magnificient view of the area.

Arcadia Beach: The most popular beach in Odessa with the most amenities, and activites. A fun place to go in the summer with an Odessa girl. Less crowded beaches are a short walk away.

Deribasovskaya Street: Shut off from traffic, Deribasovskaya is Odessa's main street. A great place to experience the pulse of Odessa. Visit an outdoor cafe, make a purchase from a street vendor, or explore the area's great shops.

Odessa Opera House: One of the most striking structures in Ukraine, this splendid facility has hosted many Ukrainian, Russian, and International artists. It's another great date idea for you and a lovely Odessa woman. In addition, Tchaikovsky, the creator of Swan Lake and The Nutcracker, worked here during the House's early years.

Odessa History

If your Odessa lady is a history buff, impress her with these facts about her city.

Over the past 1700 years, the Odessa area has been settled by Greeks, Lithuanians, Tatars, Turks, and eventually Russians some 200 years ago. Currently many different ethnic groups such as Ukrainians, Russians, Jews, Greeks, and Armenians all reside in Odessa.

In 1794, Catherine the Great approved an order to create a fort at Khadzibey Bay. This was the result of the Treaty of Jassy concerning lands acquired from Turkey. Duke de Richelieu served as the first leader of the city which was considered as a window to Europe. Originally, the city housed around 30 buildings in the harbor area.

Alexander Pushkin, the Internationally acclaimed poet, lived in Odessa for a brief time in the 1820s. In 1905, a worker's revolution occurred that was assisted by the Battleship Potemkin. Twenty years later, one of the most influential films of the Soviet era was produced based on the event. Released in 1925, Battleship Potemkin was filmed in Odessa and featured a memorable scene on the Potemkin Steps.

During World War II, the city was seized by the Germans and Romanians and was liberated in 1944. The city increased its population after the war and became part of Ukraine when it declared its independence. Now Odessa is a charming, cultured, and worldly city awaiting your discovery.

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