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Many women on this web site have a good understanding of English; some even speak it fluently. However, there will be some ladies who can not speak English. If you wish to immerse yourself in Russian and Ukrainian culture, that would include learning the language. Being able to understand each other is one of the important aspects to having a quality relationship.

Only searching for a lady who currently can speak English will possibly exclude some wonderful women on the website. In addition, the time you spend learning her language will pay off in that it will probably accelerate your relationship and cause both of you to become closer since there will be less misunderstanding. In addition it will show your interest, concern, and sensitivity about her culture.

In addition, having Russian language skills will assist you in dealing with everyday situations in Russia and Ukraine, such as going to a restaurant, a play, or conversing with people on the street. It also makes the experience of being there much more fulfilling.

We have chosen two top Russian and Spanish courses that offer value for the money and quickly give you a firm grasp of the language.


Professional Cassette Center Russian Intensive Course

Professional Cassette Center Russian Intensive CourseThe first course is from the Professional Cassette Center. This intensive Russian language course will give you the skill level of a person taking a Russian language for one year, spending 3 to 5 hours a week in the classroom. The foundation of this course is the Modern Russian 1, booklet and tapes. It contains 24 cassettes and the chapters of the book are divided into pronunciation, conversation, the Cyrillic alphabet, verb endings, reading and writing.

Memory Course: These tapes include normal conversations that you will probably find yourself engaged in whether you are traveling to Russia for business or pleasure. It includes dialogues and even music on the tape. The transcript booklet contains written exercises as well as the dialogue on the cassettes.

Vocabulary Tapes: These tapes tutor you on over 1000 words that are not taught in the rest of the course.

A Russian/English dictionary as well as the book: "How to Learn a Foreign Language" is included with the course.

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Rosetta Stone CD_ROM Russian course

Rosetta Stone CD_ROM Russian courseThis course is also equilvalent to a year of study in the Russian language. Its teaching method associates text with spoken words, and images for greater sensory perception of the material. The course contain 8,000 images and many thousands of words and phrases. This interactive language course also has speech recognition which will benefit the student with her correct pronunciation.

The features on this course include a user's guide, language book, and instant scoring on tests.

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Learn Spanish

A Foreign Affair offers you the chance to connect with not only women from Eastern Europe and Russia, but also women from the South American countries, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Peru. While many women in South America can converse in English, being able to converse with a lady from Latin American in her native language will make you stand out among any other men she may be corresponding with. It also tells her that you have respect for her and her culture. In addition, you will save money by not having to have emails translated.

Knowing Spanish will make any trips to Latin America more enjoyable and fulfilling. Not only that, but in 10 years it will be a requirement to know fundamental Spanish in many parts of the U.S. to effectively do business.


Professional Cassette Center Spanish Intensive Course

Professional Cassette Center Russian Intensive CourseThe first Spanish course is offered by the Professional Cassette Center. This course is equivalent to Russian course listed above. It has been used by NASA and corporations to trains their employees in Spanish. The course material uses audio-lingual techniques and stresses that intense practice is the more effective and efficient way to learn a new language quickly.

The course contains 18 chapters which outlines pronunciation, the alphabet, and verb functionality. The material will give you a year's worth of Spanish language fluency at an accelerated pace. The Memory course covers business and tourist conversations as well as written exercises. The vocabulary tapes contains 1,000 words not found anywhere else in the course work. A Spanish/English dictionary is included, as well as the book: "How to Learn a Foreign Language", and the very handy "Point and Talk Translator" booklet.

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Rosetta Stone CD_ROM Spanish course

Professional Cassette Center Russian Intensive CourseThis course offers the same features of the Russian course. In this course, you learn a vocabulary, not just tourist phrases, in a lucid and understandable method. The program contains 8,000 images, thousand of words and phrases, and is interactive with the student. The course also has speech recognition software that will aid the student in pronouncing the words and phrases correctly.

The course contains a handbook, language book, illustrated user's guide, and timed mode which increases the difficulty level as you progress throught the course. Available for Windows or Macintosh.

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