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Sweet, kind, lovely: some of the adjectives used to describe Cartagena women. Just so there is no confusion, we are talking about women in Colombia, not Spain. A Foreign Affair has been hosting Cartagena tours for years and the reason we keep returning to seaside city several times a year is obvious. Cartagena women are some of the most amicable, uncomplicated, single latin ladies you will find anywhere, and the men who travel there have been very successful in finding their own Colombian bride.

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In addition to meeting the beautiful women in Colombia, some of the other advantages of taking a Cartagena tour are:

1. Proximately to the U.S. (Flights from Miami are only two and a half hours from Cartagena)
2. All the amenities and creature comforts of home
3. Cartagena is close to the equator, therefore has great warm weather year round

During your Cartagena tour, you have the assistance of a great staff. The services they can provide can include arranging a meeting between you and a Cartagena woman, giving advice on great places to go on a date, or offering suggestions on dinner. We also offer a hospitality suite where you may browse through our hard bound catalogs. Many times, single latin ladies who are too shy to display themselves on our site are in these catalogs.

What are some other adjectives to describe women from Colombia: beautiful, alluring, gracious, and friendly? All true, but these are generalities. Who are they, and what do they want out of life?

What Women in Colombia Look For in a Man:

Cartagena Colombia women are looking for a husband of good character. If you are that type of person, she will notice your integrity as she spends time with you, and at that point she can become seriously attracted to you very quickly. This is the reason why so many men become engaged during our Cartagena tours.

The men who join the Cartagena tour are always pleasantly surprised in the fact that these beautiful latin ladies are attracted to the trustworthy and honest, not extravagent. Some men wonder initially if they are “exciting enough” but soon they realize that their faithfulness, love, and honor make them unique for her.

There is no game playing with Cartagena women. If things become apparent to her that you are not her one and only, she certainly will not try to string you along. Her reason for meeting you is that she is looking for true love from an upstanding gentleman.

Latin America, including Colombia, has the lowest divorce rates in the world, and this is because women in Colombia believe in sticking with their husband and family through thick and thin throughout the obstacles of life.

A Cartagena Woman's Life In Colombia

Cartagena women have close knit families and have high morals due to their religious upbringing. They typically have many friends as well. Therefore, they already have a happy life in Colombia, but due to the “cheating hearts” of the local men, these single latin ladies are willing to look outside their country for their special someone.

The decision of whether she will be married to a foreigner is something she will decide with all the seriousness that is required for such a life changing step.

Cartagena tours offers the most to see in two distinct sections of town.

El Centro is the location of the walled city where the original settlement of Cartagena was located. This area has been declared a UN heritage site due to all of the historical buildings located in the area. The walled city restoration is very authentic, as you walk along you actually feel as if you have been transported back in time several hundred years.

Boca Grande is the modern peninsula area of Cartagena and is where the large recent tourist development is located. Boca Grande is great for ocean views, people watching, and enjoying an evening at a top quality restaurant.

As anyone who has been to Cartagena knows that getting to the party is as much fun as being at the party. Getting to the party means hopping on a Chiva bus with some beautiful latin ladies. These open buses are a party unto itself, with open bar, singing, dancing, and lots of fun. After dark, these buses circle Cartagena and make stops at nightclubs or other exciting stops. Then, people hop off for awhile, walk around, and meet other passengers from other Chiva buses occasionally.

For fun activities during the daytime, Cartagena has warm Caribbean waters were you can enjoy snokeling, reef diving, scuba, and deep sea fishing. Boat excursions to the nearby islands are available as well. The beaches on these islands are very romantic spots to spend with a Cartagena woman.

Restaurants abound in Cartagena. The cuisine is world spanning and quite tasty, You certainly will not go hungry with dozens of International restaurants. Listed here are just a few of them:
1. Italian: Fellini or Enoteca
2. Mediterranean: Restaurante Arabe e Internacional
3. Spanish: El Burlador de Sevilla or Chef Julian
4. Mexican: Taqueria Cielito Lindo or Fajitas
5. Asian: Jardin China or Ginger
6. Seafood: El Mar de Juan or Nautilus
7. Steakhouses: Dany El Churrasco or Riquisimo
8. Pizza: Piccolo Pizzas

If you want to get to the beach quick, or just want to grab a quick bite, there's a multitude of places to eat on the run just like in the U.S. You'll enjoy comparing Colombian fast food to the domestic brands. Here are a few places that serve “Comidas Rapidas”.
1. Oscar
2. Presto
3. Frisby
4. Sandwiches Cubanos
5. Crepes & Wafles
6. And of course McDonalds

One unusual place for spenting a great night eating and dancing is Mr. Babillios restaurant. After you finish a delicious dinner, the dishes and silverware are taken away and the patrons climb on the tables, dance to their hearts content, and remove a few dinner calories.

Cartagena History

Cartagena has over 450 years of fascinating history from pirate attacks and gold exporting, to its current status as the playground of Colombia. This lovely city offers much to the traveler who appreciates the culture of Latin America.

There are many historical sites to see in the city, such as Cartagena Cathedral which was erected in 1602 is an immense structure built not only for worship but also to resist invaders. The Castillo de San Felip de Barajas was a stronghold that housed an underground tunnel system that was used to finish and if neccessary evacuate the structure. Other fascinating places to visit are the Museo de Oro (Museum of Gold), Archivo Historico (Office of Historical Archive), and the Santa Domingo Church.

For history or military buffs, definitely visit the Naval Museum of the Caribbean. This fascinating museum is situated inside the historic walled city and houses a large collection of artifacts from Cartagena's Naval history. The museum is divided into two wings.

The older Colonial wing was constructed in the early 17th century and was originally the first Jesuit school in the Western Hemisphere. Later during the 18th and 19th centuries, the structure was used as a hospital. The more recent wing was constructed in the early 20th century, and in the 1980's, a committee was formed to make the entire site into the Naval Museum.

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