Kiev Women Tours

Dating Kiev women is the best part about attending a tour to Kiev. Know why? It's because there are many thousands of lovely Kiev women very interested in meeting a foreign man for a long term relationship. A typical Ukrainian lady is beautiful, sincere, and very welcoming. They are the perfect representatives of their city as they guide you to all the remarkable sites you will see during a Kiev tour. Visit the tour page Future Russian and Ukrainian Tours

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You might think what is different about a Kiev woman, over Ukrainian beauties from other parts of the country? Well each city we visit on the Kiev tour has its own attractions and interesting spots, but know that Kiev women combine urban sophistication of city dwellers but are also as friendly as small town girls.

So in Kiev Ukraine women are not only beautiful, but also modest, educated, hospitable, and cultured. Yes, definitely cultured! Many Ukraine beauties love visiting a museum, and on the Kiev tour you will find many to explore from Kiev's 1500 years of history.

Soon after your arrival on the Kiev tour, you will attend socials where you will meet possibly hundreds of Ukrainian beauties. After the socials you will spend your time getting to know the Kiev women you have taken an interest in during the tour.

We also offer a service applicable only to the Kiev tour where you can meet Ukrainian beauties from other regions of the country as well. For a prepaid fee of $250, our Kiev dating tour staff will attempt to contact the Ukrainian lady you are interested in and make arrangements for her to travel to Kiev to meet you. This service includes round trip train fare, 1 night accommodation, and two meals per day. You may extend the stay of this Ukrainian lady for an additional $100 per day. Providing this service requires us to coordinate with her work schedule, and you will have to arrange your own schedule around when this Ukrainian lady will be available.

Ukraine is a westward-looking nation and welcomes tourists. This Eastern European country has a very positive relationship with the U.S. As you can see below, many restaurants in Kiev have an American influence. Any of these are fun places to have dinner with a Kiev woman after seeing the sites of the city.

- Arizona: Tex-Mex assortment of dishes, and burgers.
    You can shoot a game of pool here also.
- Boston Burgers: Great Burgers
- Eric's Pizza: Not an American chain, but provides home delivery.
- Kentucky Beirut Chicken: Offers burgers as well.
- Miami Blues Cafe: A variety of American dishes.
-TGI Fridays: Identical to the one down the street.

However, you don't want to travel to an exotic foreign country without sampling some of the local dishes. Kiev offers palate pleasing Ukrainian and International cuisine. Here are some of the restaurants to keep in mind when you make dinner arrangements.

- Taras: An authentic Ukrainian restaurant. Looks and feels as if you have entered a Ukrainian country home for some great food. (If you are lucky, maybe one of the women in Kiev will invite you for dinner in her home)
- Skhody: Ukrainian cuisine complemented with a violinist playing in the background.
- Black & Orange: A nice place to take your date without spending a fortune.
- O'Brien Irish Pub: A local hangout for Western Europeans & Americans
- King-Do: Vietnamese restaurant, also hosts magic shows.
- Apollo: Offers European and Italian dishes.
- Pechera: Prehistoric themed restaurant. The interior is cave-like and the waitresses wear cave woman attire.

Kiev is of course the capital of Ukraine and the Mother city of all Slavic countries. It's population is around 2½ million residents, and women in Kiev count for thousands of its most beautiful residents.

For places to go with Kiev women, listed below are just a few spots. For romantic locations, ask your Kiev lady about her favorite spots. She has probably thought a great deal about a potential date with a foreigner and may have some great ideas, so a Kiev woman will be your best guide to see all the sights.

- House of Organ & Chamber Music: Hosts great classical concerts in its 100 year old
    gothic hall. Pieces by classical masters are occasionally performed.
- Ivan Franko Ukrainian Drama Theater: Celebrated drama house in Kiev; works by
    Ukrainian artists. Also holds musical performances.
- Central Botanical Gardens: Thousands of specimens of grass, trees, and bushes
    from around the world are showcased here.
- Central Park: Location of Mariyinsky Palace and the Prince Volodymyr monument.
    (A great place for a romantic walk with a Kiev lady)
- Pecherska Lavra Monastery: Ukrainian monastery established in 1051.

Kiev History

The Kiev area has been inhabited for thousands of years. The city was founded in 482 A.D. by brothers Kiy, Schchek, Khoriv, and their sister Lybed. The city was named after the oldest brother and the family's decendents governed the area for 400 years.

In 882, Prince Oleg arrived in Kiev to link the city with the Novgorod area, and in doing so founded the Kievan Rus state. 63 years later, Princess Olga assumes authority of the country and becomes its first leader to convert to Christianity.

During the year 1036, a tribe of nomads called the Pecheneg attempted to overrun Kiev. In an attempt to prevent the city from falling, Ruler Yaroslav the Wise prayed to the Virgin Mary and promised to build a church in exchange for a victorious outcome. The Pechenegs were forced out of Ukraine. The next year construction began on the Cathedral of Saint Sophia in the area where the battle was fought.

In 1240, the Tatars captured the city. During the next several centuries Kiev was under Lithuanian and Polish rule. In this time period Kiev became the center for what would eventually be known as the nation of Ukraine.

In 1648, Kievians initiated a revolution that freed Kiev and regions of Ukraine from Polish/Lituanian rule. Feeling pressure from enemies from the West and South, leader Hetman Khmelnitsky asked the Russian tsar Aleksei for help against the Polish military. This relationship was cemented by the Treaty of Perayaslav in 1654. This set the stage for Russia's influence over Ukraine for centuries.

In 1919, two years after the Bolshevik revolution, communists troops entered Kiev and Soviet power was established. Several year later, in 1922, Ukraine was incorporated into the Soviet Union.

1932-1933, Due to a coerced famine by Stalin's government, millions died throughout Ukraine.

1941-1943, German forces occupied Kiev.

1986, Chernobyl nuclear accident.

1991 Ukraine is independent from the Soviet Union.