Kharkov: Educational Mecca

One special city that has been typically overlooked by Western tourists, but is filled with very friendly ladies is Kharkov. Kharkov is a Ukrainian college town that boasts over 180 science oriented organizations, 80 libraries, and many places of higher learning. As you you except for a college town, Kharkov is filled with very beautiful ladies. These women are lovely and educated and many are very interested in meeting foreign men.

Kharkov women have traditional values and look at the man's inner soul in choosing a lifemate, and they appreciate someone kind and considerate. They look forward to having a happy life with a responsible man.

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Kharkov is a very green city with over a third of the city's area devoted to parks, gardens, and greenways. Gorky Park which is a 100 year old park that is a great place for a date. This Park offers cafes, bars, a movie house, library, concert hall, and even tennis courts. The Kharkov Zoo is an entertaining outing. The zoo has thousands of animals and the zoo's aquarium contains 80 species of fish. If your special someone has kids, this would be a fun afternoon for all.

For a city of Kharkov's size there are many International restaurants that provide quite the dining experience. The Continent Restaurant is a very upscale dining establishment that offers the finest in French cuisine along with great Ukrainian dishes. This restaurant reflects Old World luxury from the hanging chandeliers to the tapestry on its wall.

The Melniza Restaurant offers Ukrainian and Georgian cuisine and the Old Arbat Restaurant gives you a taste of both Russian and European cuisines. Kharkov also has Italian, Chinese, and Vietnamese restaurants. If you need your fix of fast food, Kharkov has four McDonalds in the city. After dining, Kharkov is filled with cultural activites. Below are great place to take a date.

Historical Museum, Arts Museum, Literature Museum, Militia Museum, Opera and Ballet Theater, Russian Drama Theater, Musical Comedy Theater, Planetarium, Observatory

Kharkov History

Kharkov was founded in 1656 as a fortress to protect Moscow and eventually grew to a population of over two million. Now, it is one of the intellectual centers of Ukraine. In addition to it's sizeable academic contributions, the city also has a diversified economy which produces mining machinery as well as being an Ukrainian breadbasket community.

Kharkov contributions to the world have been many. The city has contributed to the diverse sciences of aviation, outer space exploration, and even to agricultural production methods. Kharkov citizens of note include Grigory Skovoroda who wrote the Kharkov Fables.

Kharkov has old style narrow streets with impressive architectural styled structures with golden onion shaped domes perched on the top of classically Russian style Orthodox churches. The enormous 400 year old Blagoveshensky cathedral was originally a wood structure which was later rebuilt with stone and should be seen to be believed.

The population of Kharkov has experienced steady growth from several thousand citizens in the 18th century to around 200,000 at the beginning of the 20th century, and increased its population tenfold over the last 100 years. Kharkov is a great city to find a loving Ukrainian wife.