Donetsk: Traditional Ukraine

While not as well known as other cities in Ukraine, Donetsk is a great tour city to find a lovely wife. The Donetsk region is well populated with lovely Ukrainian girls. The women who reside in the Donetsk area are beautiful, down to earth, and very interested in meeting someone special.

Donetsk is not one of the major tourist destinations in Ukraine, so the ladies do not get the chance to meet many foreigners and are always excited to become acquainted with the men they meet at our socials.

Some great date ideas would be to accompany your special someone to a performance at the Donetsk Opera and Ballet Theater, or the city's puppet theater. The ladies are always glad to show you their city and probably know of great out of the way spots as well.

For a quiet romantic outing, you may take her for a stroll at one of Donetsk's many parks. Donetsk is known as the City of Roses and its rose filled parks provide quite the romantic setting for you and your date.

A great variety of dining is available in Donetsk, from native Ukrainian, to Asian, Irish, and Mexican dishes. The International cuisine is authentic and very tasty.

Fusion Restaurant: This Asian dining experience offers delicious cuisine from Japan, China, and Thailand.

Marrakesh: Casablanca in Ukraine. This Moroccan restaurant features delicious North African cuisine and has a great authentic setting with displays of Moroccan artifacts and carpets. Don't refuse their desserts.

Golden Lion: Irish pub set in Cossack country. Superb steaks, the classic fish and chips meal, seafood, Irish stew, and of course plenty of brews to wash it down.

Tequila Boom: Offers great Mexican cuisine such as carne, fajitas, grilled fish, and great Margaritas.

Donetsk History

In distant history, the Scythians inhabited the Donetsk region in the 7th century BC, followed by the Sarmatians 500 hundred years later. The Huns came through the area in the 4th century AD. Other tribes such as the Pechenegs in the 9th century and the Polovtzy in the 11th century, also settled in the area. In relatively modern history the Zaporizzhia Cossacks settled in the region in the 17th century.

Donetsk itself has over one million residents and it formation was due to an English industrialist John Hughes. After arriving in the area, Hughes eventually set up a metallurgical plant and metal processing became a major economic vehicle for the region. The reason the location was chosen was due to the fact that Donetsk had the right elements for metal production, iron ore, quality coal, and water from the Kalimius River. Later, construction of the railroad set the stage for incredible growth.

After the revolution of 1917, the Bolsheviks overtook Donetsk. However Germany occupied the city in April 1918, but eventually fell back into Russian hands and control of the city went back and forth between the White and Red Armies until the Red Army established control. During both World Wars, Donetsk lost population, but regained it's industrial prosperity after the wars.