Individual Crimea tour. Date women from Sevastopol, Simferopol, and Yalta.

Where is Crimea and why go there?

Reason 1: The best reason to choose a Crimea tour is Crimea women. (women listed from the cities above). The Crimea is not just one urban area such as Kiev, but is a peninsula with three separate large cities relatively close where you will find some of the most lovely women in Ukraine. Crimea women are beautiful, educated, accepting, tolerant, and have good family values. They are very interested in meeting a kind and stable man. While they live in a beautiful setting, many of these women from Yalta, Sevastopol, and Simferopol have not had the opportunity to meet the type of man they would wish to have a long term relationship with. Therefore, many are seeking men from outside Ukraine.

Reason 2: The Crimean peninsula is not well known among people of the West, but is a much loved destination for Ukrainian and Russian vacationers. The topography and climate of the Crimea could be considered akin to the California coastal region as it was 50-100 years ago: crystal blue water, beautiful mountain terrain, and a non-crowded/non-polluted environment. The climate is dry and subtropical, with pleasantly warm summers. In addition, since Crimea is the vacation spot for Ukraine, expect to meet other vacationers from other regions of the country, and other CIS countries as well. Therefore it's a perfect place for a vacation, especially since you will meet many Crimea women.

Reason 3: Comfortable places to stay while on a Crimea tour. One example is the Hotel Oreanda. This newly remodeled luxury hotel, located on the Yalta boardwalk has very comfortable rooms, and has received a 4 star rating. Each room contains modern furniture, TV, radio, telephone, and air conditioning. On the hotel grounds are indoor and outdoor pools, sauna, massage center, jogging paths, casino, and a gym. The hotel also has a private beach for the enjoyment of its patrons. Sauna? Massage Center? Private Beach? There are some ideas for dates with Yalta girls without even leaving the hotel.

Attending one of the individual Crimea tours is one of our most beautiful destinations and offers a great opportunity to meet a loving, faithful wife..

For more information about Crimea women and how to travel to Yalta call 800-576-3367 and ask for Peter

As with our other Russian and Ukrainian tours, you have many available options for dinner. How much you want to spend? As you would expect the more expensive places to eat are located in the tourist-frequented areas, along the water. However, if you would like to budget your meal expense, there are a multitude of inexpensive cafes on side streets and charming hole-in-the-wall places also.

A couple of interesting restaurants around Yalta for dates with Crimean women:


Good food with good service.

The Hispaniola:

An Old World European ship remodeled into a restaurant with incredible views. What Yalta girl wouldn't like to visit this eating establishment? About the food, great seafood of course. Some of the local dishes include: salted smoked salmon, cooked mushrooms, black caviar, bliny, vodka, and Crimean Wines.

Although not as revered as Italian or California grapes, the Crimean region produces extraordinary red wines, including the award winning Krasnogo Kamnya. These wines have a full rich flavor and are very sweet.

This is vino meant to be enjoyed viewing a panoramic sunset over the Black Sea with your special Crimea girl. Something that can and should be experienced on our individual Crimea tour.

The beaches are very good in Crimea; some are sand and others are stone. There are popular beaches and isolated beaches. The water is clear and warm during the summer, perfect for swimming. Further inland you have the option for biking, hiking, and exploring the local mountain ranges. Sun, ocean, mountains, lots of greenery, and Crimean women. The individual tour could be your best vacation ever.

Activities around Crimea

Swallow's Nest: Near Yalta and perched on a cliff overlooking the Black Sea, this Medieval looking castle was constructed in 1911 for Nicholas II to be used for his summer home.

The Palace of Alexander III: A fascinating residence of one of Russia's 19th century leaders.

Massandra Winery: Here you can sample some of the Crimea finest wines during a tour to Yalta.

Vorontsovsky Palace: British architecture in Crimea, constructed in the gothic style

Cave Monastery: Near Sevastopol and founded between the 7th and 9th centuries, the monastery is an assortment of caves connected by passages. Above it on the plateau is the Kalamita fortress, constructed in the 6th century. A good hiking date with a Sevastopol woman while visiting around the area.

Yalta is probably the most well known city in the Crimea, due to its 1945 conference, however two large cities of over 300,000 are also located on the peninsula.

Sevastopol was a previously closed city during Soviet times, but is now a naval port for both the Ukrainian and Russian Navys. This beautiful city located on the western seashore of the Crimea has many interesting sites to see and is definitely worth a visit. While you are there, let Sevastopol women show you their city.

Simferopol is the capital of the Crimean region and an inland city that is your starting point to any excursions into mainland Ukraine. A charming city with a manufacturing base that produces processed fruit, electrical equipment, and tools. Many beautiful women in Simferopol are looking for their life mate; so do not skip this city.

A Brief History of the Crimea

Many of the areas we tour have incredible histories, but few have the eon spanning period of time that the Crimea claims. Crimean history reaches back thousands of years. Some of the first tribes in the area were known as the Tauris (Tavrida in Russian). Ancient Cimmerians and Scythians invaded Crimea and eventually assimilated the Tauris.

In the 6th century BC, Greek migrants founded cities where present day Kerch and Sevastopol stand. The Greeks battled the Cimmerians, Scythians, and Sarmations for control of the Crimean peninsula. During this time, Crimea became an agricultural region area that supplied wheat for Greece.

The Romans arrived in Crimea in the 1st century AD and lorded over the area for several centuries until the arrival of the Huns and Goths. At that point, Crimea became part of the Byzantine Empire.

In the 13th century, Genghis Khan's forces conquered the area and Crimea became part of the Tatar Empire. During the period, the peninsula was renamed Krym. 200 hundred years later, the Ottoman Turks established control of Crimea for another 300 years.

Eventually Crimea came under Russian control when Catherine the Great wrestled Crimea from the Ottoman in 1783. Several years later she began encouraging Russians and other non-Tatar peoples to migrate there. Eventually the migrants outnumbered the native population

During the 1850s the Crimean War began. This was originally a dispute between the Turks and Russians. However, England and France entered the conflict to prevent Russia from gaining possession of the passage between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean that the Turks controlled. After much bloodshed the war was ended in 1856.

In 1921, after the Bolshevik revolution, Crimea was established as a autonomous republic with the Soviet Union. In 1945, the Yalta conference was held with Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill. This historic meeting set the stage for East/West relations for the next 40 years.

After World War II, Stalin deported the Tatars to Central Asia, only during the last decade and a half were they allowed to return to Crimea.

Eventually the Crimea became a major tourist destination for the Soviet Union. While part of the nation of Ukraine, the majority of the people who live there are Russian by nationality.