Costa Rican Tours

What's not to like about a Costa Rican tour when you may possibly meet the love of your life (a Costa Rican woman) in the process. But before we get started, let me take you back a little.

Many guys (maybe even you) have had their tropical paradise fantasy where they roam the sandy beaches, enjoy the warmth of the sun, and the company of a beautiful girl. If you remember the Mutiny on the Bounty story, even the mutineers basically hoped for a carefree life in the tropics instead of choosing to return to England.

Well concerning tropical paradises now, much of Hawaii is commercialized and island hopping in the South Pacific can get expensive. Therefore how about a short-term vacation that could change your life, a San Jose Costa Rican tour. Costa Rica is close (Central America) and just a couple of hours from places like Miami and Houston which means it's easy to get to. While on the Costa Rican tour you are not going to an island, but it definitely is a tropical paradise. It's also perfect for a guy who wants to get away, but doesn't want to give up the modern day conveniences.

For many years now, A Foreign Affair has been hosting Costa Rican tours. Having heard of Costa Rica's incredible climate, breath taking scenery, and some of the friendliest Latin single women in the Western Hemisphere, our tours to Costa Rica have received an enthusiastic response. Many gentlemen view it as a great alternative to our longer and more service oriented tours.

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Practically the Switzerland of Central America, Costa Rica is known for its neutrality. It has a very stable democracy and maintains very friendly relations with the United States. Also Costa Rica is modern and has one of the highest standards of living in the Western Hemisphere.

For these reasons, Costa Rica is a hassle free tour. U.S. residents are only required to have a passport to enter the country. For non-U.S. residents Costa Rica may be visited with only a passport in most European countries and Australia. English is widely spoken, even though Spanish is the official language.

The first thing you will notice about Costa Rica women is they like to look their best. Whether it's casual wear or more formal attire, these ladies dress to impress. They are also very conscientious of their personal appearance as well. No rolling out of bed and immediately running out the door for these single Latin women . They wish to be treated like ladies, therefore they look and act the part.

Imagine one of these Latin ladies by your side as you both explore the country's magnificient beaches, lush rainforests, or intoxicating nightlife.

The beautiful Costa Rican women you will be introduced to are accessible, fun, and charmingly flirty. They are also educated. Costa Rica boasts one of the highest literacy rates in Western Hemisphere with a 93% literacy rate.

At both socials, you will meet between 40 - 50 beautiful marriage-minded single Latin women. The socials are held from 5PM to 8PM. Food & drinks will be provided. Afterwards, you are free to ask any lady there out for the evening.

If you have never been to Costa Rica or experienced one of our renowned socials, there's no time like the present.

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Many travelers fly into San Jose, and then head out of town to explore the countryside. However, there are a multitude of sights and activities to be experienced inside the city as well. Also most of the Costa Rican women at our socials live in or nearby San Jose.

This lively city of several hundred thousand is located in the Valley of the Saints and has all the amenities, and conveniences for a comfortable stay. San Jose was first settled in 1736 and was orginally a town whose economy was based on tobacco farming.

One of the great places to take a Costa Rica tica in San Jose is the Teatro Nacional (National Theater). The theater hosts impressive performances in music, dance, drama, and opera. Equally as impressive is the structure itself with banisters in 22.5 carat gold, marble floors, and murals.

The Museo Nacional (Costa Rica's National Museum) formerly was the military headquarters of the country. Presently the museum houses an impressive collection of pre-Colombian artifacts. The museum also outlines Costa Rica's geology, archeology and the country's previous existence as a Spanish satellite.

Also, definitely visit the Museo de Oro (Museum of Gold) which contains gold artifacts made from hand, and view the one pound gold nugget on display. Your Costa Rica lady will like this date.

Closeby, Moravia is a small suburb of San Jose where you can souvenir hunt, and find a good selection of artwork and hand made crafts.

Blessed with one of the most ecological diverse regions in the world (which is why so many people take a Costa Rican tour) its countryside has sights that dazzle the eyes, and astound the senses. This relatively small country has 58 national parks and reserves, 10% of the world's butterfly species, and wonderful black and white sand beaches.

These are just a few sights to see during the Costa Rican tour.

Butterfly farms: Located in various points in the country. These fascinating farms promote butterfly ecology, and the opportunity to observe these beautiful creatures in a unique setting. Costa Rican women love visiting the farms.

Isla de Cano: The water surrounding this island is a prime spot for snokeling and scuba diving. Swim among schools of fish and view the texture of colors along the coral platforms.

Isla Tortuga: Special to this island is a tropical DRY forest. The island also has interesting hiking trails.

Rainforest Aerial Tram: Experience the rainforest in a lift style tram that takes off from groundlevel and soars high to the rainforest treetops.

Arenal Volcano: This active volcano is a spectacle to behold on lucid days and nights when ash, smoke, and occasionally lava erupts from the volcano's top.

Guaitil Pottery: Guaitil is a small community that offer workshops in pottery. Here, you can learn how to create beautiful pre-Colombian designed pottery.

Cabo Blanco Wildlife Reserve: This is Costa Rica's first National Reserve. Most of the reserve is off limits to tourists, but offers a pleasant hike from the ranger station to Cabo Blanco beach, home of a pelican colony.

Costa Rica Restaurants & Hotspots

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the more North Americanized countries in Latin American and many of the dishes reflect that fusion of cultures. One of its staples being fried chicken with black beans and rice. Whether you want the exotic or familiar, you can find it here.

- LaPalma Restaurant: It's a great place for seafood, crepes, steaks,
  and chicken
- Tin Jo: Try their great Asian fare with native dishes that span from
   Japan to Indonesia.
- Vishni Vegetariano: Super vegetarian dishes.
- Deli City: Just what you expect.
- News Cafe: Hangout spot with U.S. sports bar items: buffalo wings,
  salads, wraps; also has a breakfast buffet.
- Spoon: Popular chain restaurant in Costa Rica, varied menu.
- Nuestra Tierra: A real Costa Rican restaurant; meals served on palm leafs.
- North American Fast Food Chains: McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Subway, Wendys, Burger King.
- In addition, if you are a Java conoseuir, many people swear that Costa Rican coffee is the best in the world.

San Jose offers a pulsating nightlife, with casinos, all types of bars (sports, jazz, and even karaoke), and many other activities. You can find much of the excitement in El Pueblo; this area contains around 150 nightclubs, restaurants, galleries, and great shopping. The fun goes on until dawn.

While disco have may peaked in the 70s in the U.S., you'll find some of it's most fervent believers in San Jose. For people who like to dance, (meaning all Costa Rican women) head to

- Infinito Disco
- Coco Loco
- La Terraza Tango
- Friends
- Out of this World: the largest disco in Central America

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