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What do guys say when they first see Barranquilla women on their tour to Colombia? "Wow" "I can't believe it, but it's true" "Why didn't I hear about this Barranquilla tour before."

What are some of the advantages of taking a Barranquilla tour? Beautiful Barranquilla women are of course reason #1. But there are other good reasons too. A Colombian tour is one of the easiest travel wise. Just on the other side of the Caribbean Sea and in the same hemisphere as the US which means no jet lag which is something you may have to deal with if you were traveling to Asia or Ukraine. Also, Barranquilla is a large city; 4th largest in Colombia. That means lots of things to do and lots of beautiful Colombia ladies for you to meet.

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Speaking about Barranquilla beauties. The Miss Colombia beauty pageant is one of the biggest yearly events in Colombia. In addition, the beauty pageant contestants from the Atlantico region in which Barranquilla is the capital have captured the Miss Colombia title 9 times, more than any other region in Colombia. Also, five of the wins have been within the last 20 years. So Barranquilla women are waiting for you in one of the beauty capitals of Colombia.

Our primary focus on our Barranquilla tour, as with every tour we hold, is to introduce you to as many single Baranquilla women as possible so you can find your Colombia lady. While you are getting to know the ladies at the socials, we will have top quality interpreters available to assist. At other times, our staff will be pleased to assist you in making personal introductions with whomever you wish.

If you are currently a single man, and not happy with your choices of women locally, then you should consider attending our Colombia tour to Barranquilla. The Colombia ladies you will meet on this tour are unlike the ladies you have met in the past. Barranquilla women are genuine, trusting, beautiful, and willing to make a total commitment should they decide to become serious with you.

Our tours have changed thousands of lives, and your's could be next.

Barranquilla is known as the golden gate city and is the primary port of Colombia. It is located at the junction point of where the Magdalena River and the Carribbean Sea meet. The first settlement in the area was around 1629, however the locals consider the city's true date of birth during 1813. Barranquilla is a very commercial city with some of Colombia's beer, perfume, ship building, textiles and sugar industries located there. The city has a tropical climate. It is close to the equator so it is warm the majority of the year, however the trade winds and frequent rains cool things down and keep the climate pleasant.

The city is very cosmopolitan and has a educated public. Great universities abound in the city such as Universidad del Altantica, Universidad del Norte, and other high quality institutions of higher learning.

History is alive and well in Barranquilla. Tours are available for some of the city's historic mansions. On a more recent historical note, Barranquilla beauty Shakira's birthplace is this city.

Barranquilla is safe, modern and a great place to meet a delightful, lovely, family oriented woman. A number of men who have traveled to this country to find someone special, not only married a wonderful Colombia lady, but became so delighted with the country itself, they decided to make it their permanent home.

In Feb, Barranquilla becomes one big party, as it hosts the El Carnaval de Barranquilla (ask a Barranquilla woman about this). This carnival is one of the largest in the world, second only in South America to the carnival hosted in Rio. The carnival is a 100 year old tradition of food, drink, parties, and wild celebration. It's lasts for 96 hours non-stop, and you endure as the locals say “Until your body can resist”.

More sedate Barranquilla activities include:

1. Attending an event at the Amira de la Rosa theater which hosts
    ballets, dramatic performances, and art exhibits
2. Touring the impressive Barranquilla Cathedral
3. Viewing artistic works at Barranquilla's Museum of Modern Art
4. Visiting the uncrowded beach community of Puerto.
5. Planning a trip to the National Park on the Island of Salamanca.

When you are ready for something more “unconventional”, take your Colombia lady for a dip in a mud volcano. Located about an hour's drive from Barranquilla is Volcan el Lodo del Totumo.

Taking a volcano mud bath is a one-of-a-kind adventure. The volcano is approximately 50 feet high. You climb in and enjoy the distinct sensation of being encased in mud. One experience you will not soon forget. When you are ready, climb down and wash off in the nearby lake.

A Little More About Barranquilla Women

The character of Barranquilla women is very cheerful. Single Colombia ladies look on the bright side of life, even through difficulty and trying times.

Also don't forget that Latin girls love to dance, it is almost their national pastime. If you get a chance, learn to salsa before your tour, and impress the women in Barranquilla with your moves on the dance floor.

There are several reasons why Barranquilla women are interested in men from North America and Europe? In Barranquilla, there are many more available women than men. Colombia has mandatory military service, where many men are away from home. In addition the culture in Colombia is very macho. These two factors lead to one Barranquilla man having many girlfriends.

Therefore many Barranquilla beauties are looking toward foreign men for a serious relationship or marriage. They believe that foreign men are more stable and will be faithful and kind to them. In addition, Barranquilla women are comfortable of their husbands having an age range of 10 to 20 years greater than their own age.

Single Colombia ladies are very family oriented, and because of the situation described with Latin men, the women's parents are accepting of their daughter potentially marrying someone from a different country.

Colombia Cuisine & Hotspots

These are just a few of the treats for you to experience in Barranquilla. There are many dozens of other unique cuisine ideas you can discover while in this special country.

1. Empanadas Paisas: a turnover filled with pork, beef, onions, scallions, cumin seed
2. Bagre: a tasty fish entree
3. Patacones (Fried Plantains)
4. Sancocho: Beef or fish casserole with yucca, milk, coconut, plantains, and potatos
5. Papas Chorreadas
6. Cornmeal empanadas
7. Ajiaco: A special chicken and potato soup with capers, avocado, and cream
8. Arepas: Corn bread with eggs
9. Manjar blanco: A great dessert dish with molassess, sugar & milk
10. An outstanding variety of fruit is available

Barranquilla's nightclub scene is top notch, and these are some great places to feel the musical beat of the city

1. Klimanjaro: A great nightclub on the beach that plays a variety of latin and reggae tunes. A few miles outside
2. Henry's Cafe: Barranquilla's version of an Celtic pub.
3. Pa Barranquilla: Dance the Latin night away here. It's casual dress code and no cover. However, have dinner
    before you arrive.
4. La Quinta and Froggleggs: Beautiful people nightclubs. Better look your best and bring one of the Barranquilla
    beauties from the socials if you hope to get in.

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