About Chinese Women

Want to date a single beautiful Chinese woman? How about dating many traditional Chinese women on our dating tour to China. How? It's easy.

Practically everywhere in China you will find Chinese women seeking men who are from the US, Europe, Australia, especially in our tour cities Shenzhen and Shenyang. The results from opening those China tour offices have been awesome: Hundreds of beautiful single Chinese ladies are signing up in the office and waiting impatiently for our next China dating tour where they get a chance to meet a foreign man like you.

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Want to know more about a traditional Chinese woman? Here are a few of our findings:

Obviously we first noticed that Chinese ladies are very pretty. Not only that but women from China are feminine, reserved and traditional in the sense they think that it is a duty of both the man and the woman to preserve a good strong marriage, sorting out their differences, rather than letting it fall apart after the first set of difficulties. For a Chinese woman, marriage still implies the idea of having a spiritual bond, a sort of mutual nourishing of each other's soul and other similar thoughts that have been somewhat abandoned in other places around the world.

In addition to that (do we even need to mention it?), when looking at them, we saw that asian and feminine elegance mixing subtly with their long black hair, clean seductive look, soft skin and sweet attitude, mesmerizes men and leads them to real love.

For all of the above, Foreign Women invites you not only to get in touch with these beautiful Chinese women by logging into your account or signing up to the site

Shenzhen China Tour

Foreign Women's dating tour to China includes, in general:

- Pick-up at the airport
- Accommodations with breakfast
- Organization of up to two singles parties (our Socials) full of Chinese women for you
  to meet
and eventually date the ones you want to get to know better!
- The socials include music, appetizers and everything you need to have a good time.
- She doesn't speak very good English? No problem, translators are available.
- You want us to help you arrange dates with Chinese ladies for you? No problem!
  That's what the staff is here for!

Shenzhen is a example of how a political decision can affect an area. About thirty years ago, Shenzhen was a small fishermen village near Hong Kong. Back then the Chinese government decided to make it a special economic zone to stimulate its growth. The result? Shenzhen became a large metropolis with more than 8 million inhabitants in 30 years -that's about as large as Lima Peru, founded in 1535, which, by the way, is another of our destinations.

People from all corners of China flocked to live and work there. This made Shenzhen a quite cosmopolitan city, and many young Chinese women moved here for work as well.

That's one of the reasons we chose Shenzhen to open our first office in China. Here, single ladies are young, lively, cultivated, professional and all the things I already mentioned above. Shenzhen has attractions such as theme parks for you to visit, not to mention all the fun things you can find in every other metropolis such as movies, malls, and the like.

It has even got a beautiful beach too. Don't you want to join our dating tour to China?

Yes, I want to come to China a.s.a.p.